New YouTube Channel!

What’s up, guys. I’m re-booting my old YouTube channel and will be putting up content pretty much every week, if not more frequently.

Be sure to leave any questions down below that you’d like me to answer (either on YouTube or the Masculine Development comments section), and if I like it, I’ll make a video answering it.

Here’s one I did a couple of days ago on how swallowing the red pill can sometimes lead to anger towards women. If you gained something from it, please like and subscribe!

2:13 – Don’t Change Yourself For Women

5:00 – 5 Stages of Swallowing The Red Pill

9:55 – Hegelian Dialectic Of The Manosphere

17:26 – Some Truths About Women

19:50 – Red Pilling Generation Z (There’s Hope!)

26:00 – Take Full Responsibility

28:55 – Disparity in Men vs. Women

31:52 – The Magic School Bus Ride

35:16 – Alcohol For Learning Game

37:35 – Don’t Let Girls Play You

40:04 – Reward Girls You Like

41:56 – Summary/Wrapping Up

About the Author Jon Anthony

After learning to successfully trade the market, build a six pack, start a social circle from scratch, and increase his IQ by 15 points, Jon Anthony has decided to teach others how they can, too. He plans to move to Las Vegas next year to invest in real estate and live it up.

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  • Stranger

    Your video is good but too long I think.Your strength is writing very good articles,not too long just on point.Thats what I like and you should do shorter videos frequently and longer videos maybe once a week,because not everyone has time for long videos.My 2 cents.

  • Andrew

    Good video Jon. Like you said you did ramble a lot. I would suggest shorter more specific videos in order to keep the attention of the audience. Around 45 or 46 minutes in you started to talk about monitoring your thoughts. I think you should make a whole video on just that because it’s extremely valuable information that most people probably don’t know about or practice. Keep up the good work.