Major Update!

What’s up, guys. Masculine Development has been growing at an extremely fast pace, and consequently I’ve had to update my systems. I am currently working on going back and editing every single one of my articles, adding in images, and making them more precise for your reading enjoyment.

Because of this, there won’t be much new content over the next couple of weeks. So, in the meantime, consider doing the following:

  • Taking action and applying what I’ve taught you
  • Skimming through the archives (have you read all 107 articles?)
  • Following me on social media for various updates
  • Using the 7 Strategies to become a conqueror


Also consider browsing through some of my lesser known, but still high-quality articles:


After this phase of changing my systems and re-editing articles, expect the quality and quantity of new articles to explode through the fucking roof.

About the Author Jon Anthony

After learning to successfully trade the market, build a six pack, start a social circle from scratch, and increase his IQ by 15 points, Jon Anthony has decided to teach others how they can, too. He plans to move to Las Vegas next year to invest in real estate and live it up.

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